Luca offers an informative and unique tour. He is passionate about Berlin’s history and it’s evolution into the amazing city it is today. Highly recommended!
It’s lovely to be back home to NY and already I miss Germany! thanks so much again for spending literally all day with me and showing me exactly all the places I wanted to see.
I don’t know what I would’ve done without you!
Excellent! Luca is very funny and sympathic. A lot of interesting facts about Berlin that will surprise you and make you love the City even more!
Luca’s tour is awesome. He took us to places in the neighborhood that only a real local can know about. Afterwards he gave us recommendations on places to eat, drink and party. All of those were great as well.Peter
Luca is less of a tour guide and more of an inherently cultured, and passionately friendly, local gem! I had so much fun and learned more about the raw side of Berlin’s history during the bike ride than I could ever learn from a book. He is exceptionally knowledgable due to his upbringing in the city. His friendliness is contagious and he’ll answer any questions with honesty and pleasure. He knows all the interesting and nice spots for alternative partying or for more-relaxed artistic outings. Thank you Luca!Richard
This was an incredible experience! I would highly recommend doing a tour with Luca to anyone visiting Berlin. He knows an incredible amount about Berlin’s subcultures and is full of suggestions on how to optimize time in the city.
Luca is a super friendly guide with a huge knowledge about Berlin. In this tour he really takes you to cool places you would miss as a tourist but which have the genuine Berlin vibe. I recommend to do this on your First day in the city, so you know were to go the rest of your stay!Ryan
It is the best way to learn about underground places in Berlin! Lucas know the city extremely well! During the visit, I ask him to give me places fit with my interests and he suggest me really good adresses! I recommend to do that tour as soon as you arrive in Berlin! :)
Absolutely loved exploring Berlin with Luca. An excellent way to look around the city and learn a lot about the history and culture of Berlin and its amazing disctrict of Kreuzberg! Luca was an amazing guide, I couldn’t recommend this experience enough!Mike