A private tour can be scheduled in advance or prepared spontaneously. In any case we remain flexible for any modification requests. The tour is jointly organized according to your interests.
It is rarely cycled for hours, the bikes a regularly parked to explore special places and discover different attractions on foot. Breaks can be inserted at any time as needed.

Cold war

A tour that focuses on Berlin in the heart of the Cold War. The still-present contrast between East and West can perfectly illustrate this bipolar era. The tour emphasis on the German division, the Soviet influence in Berlin and the consequences on contemporary life.

Especially the cafes that were already existing in the former GDR on the Karl-Marx-Allee and the story of the construction of this monumental road, catapults you into the East-Berlin atmosphere of the 50s and 60s.
A journey through the Soviet imperialism!


By means of many ancient monuments, a lot of facts and anecdotes can be mediated about the Prussian Empire.
This epoch marked the beginning of Berlin and shaped the city significantly.

Berlin as the royal capital of Prussia was already an open, liberal and progressive metropolis. Multiculturalism and the feeling of freedom has a long tradition. One aspect that is rarely associated with Prussia.

The Third Reich

A detailed tour about the rise of Nazism and the Second World War, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, but also on the formation of resistance. There are still many relics of the past, as former Nazi buildings, bunkers, flak towers or hiding places for Jewish people which illustrate a guide on the subject of the Third Reich.

Especially this part of history was worked up very well and professionally documented. Many free exhibitions, artworks and monuments raise awareness about these difficult times pan-European history.

Berlin capital of alternative culture

This tour is about the alternative culture that is particularly pronounced since the 1970s. The political and social struggle which was led by many demonstrations, street riots and the huge squatting movement, has particularly affected the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

To this day, blows a wind of freedom and creative self-determination in Berlin.

Out of many squats emerged exciting projects, important cultural institutions and essential facilities for the community life.


The street art tour is dedicated to the almost ubiquitous street art. Famous artists are presented and important works are shown. At the same time an important matter is the ambiguity of this ever-growing and often illegal art form.

Street artists have different goals: For some of them the main motive is a pure aesthetic change of the urban space.
However, very often you can find political intentions behind the works.

In order to implement this, the artists use various techniques. These include, among many others graffiti, Sticker art, stencils, collages and even Urban Knitting (the mounting of objects with knitwear) …

Night Life

To experience the night life, your personal guide advises and accompanies you through different Bars and Clubs according to your wishes.

The club culture in Berlin is world famous and unique. Since 1945, the curfew is abrogated.

To this day, there are parties the whole week through, celebrated in a timeless manner. In a lot of places, the parties end after three days. The locations are incredibly diverse: You can dance under the free sky, on a roof terrace on the 15th floor, in the heart of an abandoned factory or on a boat on the river.
In Berlin, everything is possible.