Our specials

Our specialty is to meet your personal wishes. We are also available for specific inquiries. Do not hesitate to send us your ideas. Here are some examples of our services. Let yourself be inspired!

Berlin from the water

Besides the possibility to make a boat trip through Berlin, we also organize trips to the surrounding lakes and rent rafts or boats to spend a day on the water.
The possibilities are great; We will be happy to accompany you and organize a barbecue with buffet, and drive the raft.

Discover abandoned places …

There are many abandoned places and interesting ruins in and around Berlin.

Most of them hide exciting stories, such as the former NSA spy station on the Teufelsberg. There you can discover, besides a huge variety of street art, a strange building with a spectacular view.

For a day trip, it is worth to go visit the ancient Olympic village built by the Nazis.

Visit the countryside!

The metropolitan area of Berlin the” Brandenburg” is full of surprises and various excursions possibilities.

In this peaceful area, you can go for beautiful bicycle tours, canoe trips, horse riding, watch wild geese and cranes, or simply enjoy the calm of nature.
Thanks to its Prussian history, the “Brandenburg” is also endowed with multiple cultural places.

Have you ever visited abandoned Soviet military bases while crossing the countryside in a Jeep from the former GDR or visit a former Stasi holiday resort?
We are happy to offer you this kind of adventures!

The little extras

We are at your service:

For example, if you need a babysitter, a children’s push car or a bicycle saddle for your children, we will be happy to help.

For people with reduced mobility or elderly person, guided cycling tours are possible as we have access to special bicycles, electric bikes or rickshaws.

Would you like a special portrait of you in Berlin, or would you like to have a photographer for your trip or your tour?
We can offer you a professional photographer who will be able to print and even frame your favorite photos.